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Leviton Cable Cat6 UTP

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کابل شبکه CAT6 UTP

Leviton Cable Category 6 UTP

The eXtreme CAT 6A system, delivering exceptional performance for today's high bandwidth applications, is available through Leviton's distributors. Our connector QuickPort and 110-style patch panels, and patch cords have each been independently tested and verified by ETL to meet or exceed TIA 568-C.2 component performance. When combined with approved horizontal cable, this ensures greater permanent link and channel margins to support 10GBASE-T networks up to 500 MHz. The component-rated system includes all of the channel-rated system features, plus the following:

  • Patent-pending triple-stage compensation design with integrated flexible circuit enhances link and channel performance
  • Conductor retention feature holds individual conductors in place during termination
  • Category-specific Pair Separation Tower (PST) design enables easy separation of CAT 6A conductors

Contact your Leviton representative for more information.

Leviton Channel-Rated CAT 6A System

Leviton offers the eXtreme CAT 6A channel-rated system, which is also independently tested and verified by ETL to exceed all current TIA 568-C.2 requirements for augmented Category 6 (CAT 6A) to support 10GBASE-T networks. Leviton's eXtreme 1CAT 6A channel-rated system guarantees exceptional performance in 4-connector channels.

  • Independently tested and verified by ETL
  • TIA 568-C.2 performance up to 500 MHz to support 10G BASE-T networks
  • Exceptional performance in critical short links common in data centers
  • Guaranteed to surpass TIA defined internal and alien crosstalk parameters
  • Backward compatible with CAT 5e & 6
  • Patented Cone of Silence minimizes alien crosstalk (AXT)
  • Patented Retention Force Technology® protects against tine damage.
  • Unique Pair Separation Towers allow for easy separation of wires during termination, without fully untwisting
  • Leviton Limited Lifetime Performance Warranty for qualified installations
کابل شبکه Leviton Cat6 UTP
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