Javan System has started its activity in 1999 to keep pace with the lastest advanced  information and communication of technological achievement in the world of computer networks , and after demonstrate and explain the goals and ideas of company increasing their customers are always welcome.

Our attitude are provide new ways to improve and promote IT quality in country and make suitable environment for the realization and investigation with a view to achieving updated science to globalization.

Javan System is a highly capable team of experts in communication and digital transmission technology. We help our clients build cost-effective telecommunication infrastructure solutions. Through this website, we would like to share with you our success stories and our eagerness to work with you.
Javan System  guarantees clients the most competitive prices and excellent follow-up services.

Javan System Point-to-Point Fixed Wireless Solutions work where other products don't.
Javan System’s Point to Point  Series wireless Ethernet bridges can deliver 99.999% availability in even the most challenging environments.
Plus, they’re cost-effective, faster to deploy and easier to manage than comparable systems.
They offer more capacity and higher signal quality over greater range – even over water. And they provide greater spectral efficiency, which allows high performance in areas with congested radio communications.

With a small form factor that’s easy to install and maintain, the Javan System  point-to-point solutions support a wide variety of demanding applications…
…Handling last-mile and heavy-duty backhaul traffic…
…Migrating from an analog to a digital network…
…Linking separate loops within individual buildings…
…Communicating between buildings…
…Linking networks in a campus setting…
…Quickly deploying emergency services, special operations and events…
…Transmitting across long distances, over water or around obstacles…
…And many more
Javan System’s solutions succeed where more conventional products disappoint.
Wherever point-to-point wireless is a candidate for Ethernet connectivity, Javan System solutions are a good fit, delivering faster data streams, more reliable connections and higher availability.

Although Javan System in a short time abled to gain place nowdays has become IT group with limited features, great thought and consultion with colleagues.
Which include:

  • Computer network engineering branch (network)
  • Technical and advisory services Telecom towers and communication (Erect tower)
  • Technical uninterrupted emergency power (UPS)
  • Engineering consultion and installation of network cameras and analog (IP camera)
  • Development and Optimization of energy consumption (solar panel)
Exclusive agencies list:
CNET              TENDA    FULL          UNICAM

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